Restaurant Remouladen

A non-traditional take on traditional cuisine

Remoulade: a traditional Danish sauce with pickles, apples, and spices. Almost always found on any Danish lunch table.

At Remouladen, a take on Danish cuisine is what's on the menu at lunch. More specifically, smørrebrød (open-faced sandwiches) served in an updated version based on the best ingredients available. Smørrebrød is essentially a simple but delicious food and because of this, it requires true attention to craftsmanship to elevate this classic dish.

Craftmanship and taste are alpha and omega at Remouladen. This translates into a true love for quality produce and attention to detail - no matter the cuisine. Evenings at Remouladen consist of a fondness for international dishes but are executed with well-curated and preferably local produce.

Remouladen elevates traditional dishes in an unexpected manner, resulting in a meal consisting of quality and taste - all while looking out over Vejle Fjord.