a home away from home

At Kirk Stay, we believe that having a home away from home is what constitutes living a life of luxury. A life based on the three pillars: modern convenience, undisturbed space, and peace of mind. When you can’t be with your family and friends back home, wouldn’t it be nice to have a place that reminds you of home? By upholding these pillars within each apartment, we have done our very best to capture the essence of this feeling.

By combining room interiors of high-class design and quality with a range of hotel services, you have the convenience of relaxing knowing full well that everything is easily taken care of. This is modern convenience.

By creating spacious apartments where you can do whatever suits you, whenever it suits you, and even invite guests over - you will find that your wishes for both privacy and social living can be accommodated. This is undisturbed space.

By placing the apartments in quiet surroundings overlooking a yachting harbor close to water and nature but still centrally located near town life, you have the possibility of cultivating your inner self regardless of lifestyle. This is peace of mind.

Regardless of the length of your stay, we will do our utmost to make your wishes come true and no matter your errand in town – whether it might be to indulge in taste sensations at LYST, Enzo & C, or Remouladen or to catch up on business – we are here to help tailor your stay.

Welcome to Kirk Stay